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Eclipse Clouds.jpg

Welcome to

Dr. Sky Eclipse

Introduction will bring you valuable information from the world of Solar and Lunar eclipses. All to often the population of our world never experiences these amazing sights in nature.

To me, eclipses are a form of Sacred Geometry!

I have had the pleasure of experiencing a near countless number of both Solar and Lunar eclipses around the world.

This platform was created to share information on how you can best experience these unique events.

The website will provide you with much information to enhance your experience.

Yours truly,

Dr. Sky

Be prepared for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of April 8th, 2024.

Eye safety is so important as many areas of the United States and Canada will experience less than a total solar eclipse, Dr Sky recommends these ISO (12312-2) Certified Solar Glasses.

Get yours NOW, as quantities and pricing are sure to change.

These solar glasses are good for children and adults alike.

Order yours today and use discount code DRSKY (all caps) for a 10% discount.


Dr. Sky is seen and heard around the Nation and around the World; and is featured as the Astronomy and Space correspondent on Coast to Coast AM Monday's during the News segment.



His Flagship Station, The Crown Jewel of Radio is Talk Radio 77 WABC in  New York City.


And joins legendary talk show host Clyde Lewis on "Ground Zero".

Visit: Ground Zero Aftermath

Dr. Sky is a seasoned Television Host and a contributor to countless media affiliates nationwide.

Visit: Fox 10

The Great American
Total Solar Eclipse
April 8th, 2024
Junction, Texas
Team Roping
The Littlest Cowpokes
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